Fences-Poorly's Journal
Turdas, 15th of Frostfall

I lost a day. I swear I lost an entire day. I don’t know where it went. I don’t know when it happened, but somehow I lost a day. I know it was Turdas when I woke up this morning, and I know it was Mondas when I last saw Delphine, but I’m sure I only saw the sun set twice between Mondas and today. I’m sure I’d notice missing a night of sleep, too! I don’t know who I can blame. The old dragon at the peak? The Greybeards? The gods? I don’t even know where to start.

Even if I hadn’t have lost a day somewhere, today would have been quite unusual. I started it off with a ride down from High Hrothgar toward Riverwood, since I figured that I might run into Delphine there and maybe tell her how things had gone. I had no such luck. I decided to spend a little time at the forge while I was in town, though, and while I was trying to sharpen a sword, I was interrupted by a courier who had a letter from Windhelm. Apparently, I was wanted at the White Phial, the alchemist’s shop, to do something about fixing the phial I fetched from the dank depths of an icy cave some time back. I figured that Windhelm was on the way to Winterhold, where I was supposed to look for an Elder Scroll so that I could go back and time and kill an ancient dragon so that the world won’t end, so I might as well go to Windhelm.

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Tirdas, 13th of Frostfall

Made excellent time to High Hrothgar today. Although the ride to Riverwood was pretty mundane aside from an encounter with an orc who decided to pick a fight, I’m really quite proud of myself— and of my horse— for getting to the top of the tallest peak in Skyrim as quickly as we did. I swear it didn’t take me even two hours to make it up there. I don’t know how my horse made it up some of the cliffs and slopes that it did, but I feel like I’ve really gotten my money’s worth and more now with all the time I’ve spent in the saddle. (Discounting the time I spent in saddles on borrowed horses, which I haven’t spent any money on at all.)

I suppose I should mention that I ran into a few people on the way up, in any case. They said they were members of the Companions, although I don’t know why a group based all the way in Whiterun would be called out to kill what seemed to be just one wild animal halfway across the hold.

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Morndas, 12th of Frostfall

Today was largely uneventful, at least for me. I think there’s a dog and a hamlet that both had a pretty special day today, though. Not that I meant for anything special to happen.

I started the day by looking for my horse, whom I had forgotten to tie up the night before. Luckily, my horse— he? she? it?— was not only still alive, but almost where I had left it. I had to head west to get back onto the road from there, though, so I wound up passing past the mine where a guard tried to kill me again before making it to Rorikstead. Somehow, I managed to attract the attention of a dragon on the way, but thankfully, the less-than-homicidal guards of the tiny hamlet were quite happy to help me shoot the dragon down and slay it. Everyone in the town (all seven or so of them) came out then to look at the skeleton that they left blocking the main road as I rode out of town.

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Sundas, 11th of Frostfall (Pt 2)

Looking over my journal, I realized how tangled this whole mess I’ve gotten myself into is here in Skyrim. I’ve become a wanted “murderer” in the Reach, and the thane of Hjaalmarch and Whiterun. I’ve become a member of a guild of thieves in Riften that’s so tied up in its own corruption that I’m expected to sign my soul over to Nocturnal. A bunch of old men with loud voices that live on the top of a mountain say I’m descended from dragons and a Very Special Guy. And two crazies who claim to be among the last surviving members of a long-gone group of bodyguards are telling me I need to slit my wrist to get into an ancient ruin housing little wealth so that they can find a wall that will tell us all how to kill a dragon that’s bringing other dragons back to life and intends to bring about the end of the world (supposedly.) I’m really in deep. All I wanted to do here in Skyrim was try to make enough money to move myself back to the Black Marsh, buy the nicest house I could find and live the rest of my days in comfort. I’m not sure how I’ll manage that now.

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Sundas, 11th of Frostfall (Pt 1)

Today was quite an interesting day. Since the very moment I woke up.

I’m quite thankful that I got to sleep early last night, because I was awoken from my slumber early this morning when I heard a scream from the front desk, where the innkeeper was awake for some unknown reason at 4 o’clock in the morning. I come out to see what’s the matter, and she says she’s seen a ghost. Then I look across the room, and I see the ghost. Just sitting in a chair, sipping ghost ale or some rubbish like that. What’s more, the ghost doesn’t seem to be playing with quite a full deck— he seems to think I’m some “Hjalti” fellow that promised to give him a sword and swear him my brother. I don’t know who this ghost is, but I know that I’ve never been Hjalti.

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Loredas, 10th of Frostfall

Took the wagon to Whiterun this morning with the crazy man who thinks the world is ending. (Same rate as going alone, oddly enough.) Walked over to Riverwood in short order, then (only stopping to sell off a few goods to a contact from the Guild). Thankfully, the dragon that nearly followed me to the city the other day was nowhere to be seen. Turns out Delphine’s friend, though, isn’t just crazy, but prone to overreacting, as well. We were just passing by a Mudcrab I was quite ready to ignore, when suddenly he summoned an Atronach and started slinging fireballs. I somehow doubt that he just hates crabs; I just hope I don’t have to spend much more time around this loose cannon.

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Fredas, 9th of Frostfall

I made it to Riften early this morning, and things seemed a little off; it was if something had changed. I went about my business just as usual, though. I delivered some sapphires and a tusk to Madesi like he’d asked and sold him as much jewelry as he could afford to buy before heading down to the Ratways to pawn off some more questionable jewelry and see about finding the crazy old friend of— Delphine’s, I think it was?— who was supposed to live somewhere down there.

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Turdas, 8th of Frostfall

I probably should have hired a driver, but instead, I decided to try to walk to Riften today. I didn’t quite make it. I did have a pretty heavy load for most of the way, but I did still manage to make good time. My issue seems to be that I’m not always as good at reading maps as I’d like to think I am. After making it into the foothills at the ruins of Helgen, I saw that there looked to be a pass I could take east of Fort Neugrad that would get me closer to Riften. I think the Gods must have intervened, though; I tried to head east from the fort, across the small lake it’s built on the shores of, but I just couldn’t go forward. There was nothing in my way, and it’s not like the slope was too steep or anything, either. I just kept trying to walk forward, but I couldn’t move a step! I can’t imagine why any of the gods would do such a cruel thing, though— or rather, why if they would do something cruel to me, it would be only this. It’s not crazy enough for the Mad God, hardly subtle enough for Nocturnal, too petty for Molag Bal, and not just enough for Stendarr, either. I didn’t really want to spend all day cursing the gods, though (especially since they might hear me), so I just turned back and tried to head another way.

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Middas, 7th of Frostfall

I had a pretty tame time heading to Riverwood today. I took a route I haven’t used today, crossing the river to Hjallmarch at the sawmill south of Solitude rather than head all the way to Dragon Bridge to cross. I know I was heading through wilderness, but even once I hit the road and started heading due east, I found myself catching sight of an inordinate number of moose. I saw that bard who’s been walking around Skyrim with no clear destination for well over a month now, too, but honestly, I’m not really half as surprised by my running into him as I was by all those moose.

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Tirdas, 6th of Frostfall

I think today shall have to be the first and last time I ever go to a party with the Thalmor: Things turned out all right for me, but I don’t think that the Thalmor were too happy about what happened at their embassy tonight.

Not much happened this morning, really. The dragon I saw yesterday evening was nowhere to be found when I was hiring the wagon to Solitude, and then I was napping for a good part of the ride there.

I’m not sure whether the Thalmor had been having one long, ongoing party for what’s been almost a month, now, or if they’ve been throwing parties on-and-off for a while now, but thankfully, when I got to Solitude, I was able to find my contact with no trouble at all, and he didn’t say anything about my liberal interpretation of “a few days off”. As I got on the wagon again to head to the party, then, I wondered whether my contact had been waiting all that time in the Winking Skeever, just hoping I’d remember the gala I was expected to attend. I sincerely hope he wasn’t.

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